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This is my fifth year at Westside Elementary. I am sharing one of my favorite photos. Every time I look at this I relive the sense of adventure I felt the day it was taken. This year I am excited to be continuing to teach in one of the first grade Learning Labs. I have a bachelor's degree in early childhood education and a master's degree in elementary education. I have a husband and 3 cats. I enjoy flower gardening, reading and sitting on my porch in our swing. I look forward to helping this year's first graders love reading and math.

COVID-19  NOW  What?

You are at home and our world has changed.  I wanted to share some ideas for activities you can do at home. For.math two games are Yahtzee and dominoes.  As you play these with your child/children talk about why you made the plays you made. Simply have fun and talk about solving problems . Yahtzee lends itself to counting by 2, 3 or 5. Keep score. It gives addition practice.  
If you don't have these games and don't have access to ordering and having them delivered, try looking for online versions for tablets or phones.  These are not as much fun for the whole family, but they are still something you can do.

If you have dice, the first grade teachers have taught several activities to your child already. Greater than/less than and making addition and subtraction problems. 

If books are not available, think of stories you remember from this year, from fairy tales or if you choose Bible stories.  Talk about characters, what happened first, next  and last. 
Your child can draw and color a picture about their favorite part and then write about the picture. If you get "junk mail" let them draw and write on the back of envelopes or ads. 

Look for words in mail. Just have them think and talk about what they see. If you have a spiral or notebook paper, have them start a journal.

Write the day and date, then write about things they are doing.  Include time of day, what they are doing, and how they passed the time. Even have them write about this time makes them feel. Encourage them to draw a picture about their day. These children are living through a historical event and writing about it can help them deal with the feelings and provide them with a personal historical record for their future generations. 

I hope this helps during these unusual times. 

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